Science of Beauty

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Our name "Science of beauty" was inspired by my relentless pursuit  to understand the "why" with everything. Why hair falls out? for example, and how could I improve peoples' lives with this knowledge. I've found that when you know the why's, science can provide you with the knowledge of treatment and often prevention. There are many aspects of our field of science "cosmetology" that when studied further, can truly help you enhance or change people's lives.

"I encourage you to visit our "Testimonials" tab at the top of this page, and read what our clients actually have to say in their own words and about how my pursuit of knowledge and constant researching of the in-depth science of this profession, has benefited them.

We invite you to call and schedule a free personal consultation so we can share our knowledge and passion with you. We strive to show you how to look and feel your absolute best!"

At Science of Beauty, we are a full service salon focused on providing  professional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our team takes hair care to a whole new level!

We are committed to giving every client the healthiest hair that only the knowledge of science can provide.

We build relationships that begin with an exceptional consultation and continually grow with each appointment and session.

Our team truly loves what we do - being a part of changing people's lives!