Science of Beauty

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I thought my first experience at the SOB Salon was a positive one.  The stylists were friendly and helpful and the Salon was very clean … has always given me terrific hair pointers.
... Susan
Just wanted to send you a message to say LOVE MY HAIR!!! We leave tomorrow, see ya when I get back!!
Absolutely Love it. You even did her make up!! She looks so great! You are the best!
I LOVE my hair!
... Fran
My hair has never been healthier thanks to the care and advice. She is an artist when it comes to cutting hair and well worth the drive from Sarasota!
I love having a local salon where everyone makes you feel like family and the best part, get a great hair cut and color!
I just want to tell you that the new color and cut makes my hair look AWESOME!
... Louise

EVERY time I walk out of your salon I get compliments on my hair - everyone asks me what stylist I see cause they say my hair looks amazing!


Thank you!!!! I love my hair BTW!!
....... Holly

I have thin hair and a cowlick that HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN ... has been my hairdresser and giving tips,  my hair is so much better. Thanks.
Going to Science of Beauty is almost a happening, They are part scientist, part artist and passionate about making you look your best. They will tell how to grow hair, what suits you best and you will feel good about yourself They know their business and the cut is lovely.

Sherry ... you did an AWESOME job on my hair. I love it ... thanks girl!

She has been doing my hair for over 10 years and has done styles that were near impossible on my hair. She did my hair and make up for my wedding and has become part of the family. She is very knowledgeable in the science behind our hair, skin and nails and will teach you as she makes you beautiful! Highly recommended.


She is the stylist angel - did my hair and make up for my wedding and I could not have asked for more. Modern, Stylish, Rock Star!
Her passion for her work is what makes her special. She loves to make you look and feel your best and has the expertise to accomplish that goal. She is a true professional.
I've been going to her for 3 years now, and not once have I been dissatisfied with the end result. She takes her time and knows exactly what's she is going to do. She has this gift of visualizing her cut and makes you feel comfortable in her chair. I will NOT go to another stylist again. Ever! She's the best in Naples. THANK YOU !!!
She is the most professional beautician I have ever dealt with. She developed my correct color, which is not easy, and cuts hair magnificently. She has been so instrumental in teaching me proper hair care, from how to moisturize my aging hair to what to use and how to wash and blow dry my own hair. I think she is a "hair whisperer" as I have never had a beautician that even seemed to care about the condition of my hair. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I love Tom's hair. It is the best it has looked for years!! I think he feels the same. It makes him look younger. You are the BEST.

... is an artist!  She gives a fabulous haircut, and knows what will look good on each client.  She takes the time to inform me about how to care for my hair and style it myself--which I have never been able to do.  She isn't happy until all clients look their best.  I look and feel great when I walk out her door!


Hi Emmy ... I LOVE my hair! You did a great cut! Thanks.